Terms & Shipping Info


We offer weekly delivery service to most areas. We deliver to the Greensboro, NC area with a $500 minimum order. Freight to all other areas is charged based on a percentage amount of the number of units that your order occupies on the truck. You are more than welcome to give us a call, and we can give you an estimated cost for delivery when you place your order. Below are our minimum order amounts for delivery for the areas and states that we currently service.

Area Freight Rate Min. Order Min. Freight Area Freight Rate Min. Order Min. Freight
Local 1-6%  $    500 $10 Maryland 14-16%  $ 1,800 $252
Raleigh 6-8%  $ 1,000 $60 WV 13-15%  $ 2,000 $260
Charlotte 7-9%  $ 1,000 $70 Tennessee 13-16%  $ 2,000 $260
Eastern NC 8-10%  $ 1,000 $80 DE & NJ 15-18%  $ 2,000 $300
West NC 10-13%  $ 1,200 $120 East PA 16-19%  $ 1,900 $304
Central VA 10-12%  $ 1,200 $120 West PA 19-23%  $ 2,500 $475
North VA 12-14%  $ 1,500 $180 Ohio 16-19%  $ 2,000 $320
South VA 9-12%  $ 1,300 $117 Kentucky 16-19%  $ 2,000 $320
Georgia 15-18%  $ 1,800 $270 New York 16-19%  $ 2,200 $352
SC 11-13%  $ 1,500 $165 RI, MA & CT 19-23%  $ 3,000 $570
D.C. 13-15%  $ 1,800 $234


We guarantee our stock to be healthy and true to name and color when shipped. No liability is assumed by seller for delay or failure to deliver which is caused by drought, flood, strikes, embargoes, or any other condition beyond seller’s control. Seller at no time will be responsible for more than purchase price. All orders are accepted subject to the availability of the stock at the time of shipment.


Our regular terms are cash on delivery unless credit arrangements are made prior to firms upon approval of a credit application. Call us to request a standard credit application. Please be sure to complete all blanks, giving full address, email address, and office and cell numbers. A minimum of three credit references are required. We prefer these references come from within the nursery industry. Signature by a corporate officer is required. Please note: open accounts are due and payable within the specified term of net 30 days from the invoice date. Past due accounts are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annum). Also, debtor will be responsible for cost incurred to collect an account. All correspondence is kept confidential. Allow 4 weeks for processing credit application. First order is C.O.D. All other orders are C.O.D. until credit is approved. We reserve the right to cancel credit at any time.


Prices listed are for the nursery trade only and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. This new catalog cancels all previous listings offered by us. Please provide evidence that you are actively involved in the nursery business and that you have an established business location. We will also request that you furnish us with your nursery certificate and applicable sales tax exemption number prior to the time of purchase.


All claims must be upon receipt of merchandise. In order to solve any problems and expedite your claim in the shortest time, please follow these procedures:
1. Examine and count all material upon receipt
2. Note all problems on delivery receipt that is returned to truck driver. NO CLAIMS FOR DAMAGE OR SHORTAGE WILL BE HONORED UNLESS IT IS MADE IN WRITING ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT
3. To avoid delay, whenever possible provide us with a photo of the material in question


Booked orders may not be binding unless the buyer confirms the order with a deposit of 10%. These orders are subject to allowances for crop failures. No guarantee on orders being held if not taken within 2 weeks after notification. Minimum order of 5 per variety.


We will provide at no additional charge a full-color picture tag for every plant. We will offer as a service to you additional tagging or pre-pricing according to the following schedule. Please note that requests for pre-pricing and additional tagging must be received by Buds & Blooms Nursery at least 10 working days prior to shipping, along with a completed pre-pricing form.

*Applying customer provided tags: $0.15 ea.
*Pre-pricing tag with barcode or sku provided by us $0.20 ea.

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Business!